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About us

885 Kempsville Rd Suite 306, Norfolk, VA 23502

Care Hop was founded by the former BetterMed Urgent Care partners as a comprehensive alternative to insurance-based models of primary care for businesses and individuals. Drawing on decades of experience, we use technology and a patient-centered philosophy to bring the highest quality of care to you, without the burden of insurance. By cutting out the middleman, we put you in direct contact with your provider to give you the most accessible and affordable access to premium treatment.

Our vision

The future of healthcare should be determined by your needs and not by insurance companies. As the cost of medical services trends ever upward, we are creating a sustainable alternative to insurance-based models. Everyone deserves affordable, accessible care and we are working to change the face of modern medicine to meet these standards. Beyond opening a single practice, we are joining a healthcare revolution founded on patient-centered values to recreate medical care in the U.S.

Our mission

Everyone should have access to quality primary care. The cost of healthcare has been rising for decades and continues to become less accessible as demand increases. We are seeking to carve out an alternative that prioritizes the patient’s well-being, time and money through a membership model where patients pay a monthly fee directly to their provider. This means there are no surprise bills or hidden fees, and more face-to-face time with the provider who no longer has to deal with bureaucratic hurdles from insurance companies. We think it’s about time that someone made primary care affordable and accessible to all.

Meet your team

We were founded by physicians with decades of experience in primary and urgent care. As the founders of former Bettermed Urgent Care, they saw the shortcomings in urgent clinics and problems with insurance-based primary care. Rather than trying to fix the system from the inside, our team is carving its own path to create an alternative to the exploitative health insurance model. By creating a patient-centered practice where access and affordability meet the highest quality of care, we hope to build a new future for healthcare in this country.

Armin Hartmann

Chief Technology Officer

Care Hop Health

Armin Hartmann is an accomplished Information Technology professional with over 20 years of experience. His expertise lies in developing and managing advanced IT systems for large corporations. Hartmann is particularly known for his focus on creating solutions that are simple, user-friendly, and sustainable. His innovative approach has consistently led to successful IT implementations. With a strong background in supporting startups and early-stage companies, he has played a crucial role in driving their growth and refining their technology strategies, contributing significantly to their operational efficiency.

Alvaro Zeballos, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Care Hop Urgent Care

Dr. Zeballos is the former Chief Growth Officer and founder of BetterMed Urgent Care, overseeing its strategic growth and expansion. He has more than 20 years of experience in Emergency Medicine and has worked at Bon Secours, SRMC and VCU Medical Center. He has extensive experience with Lean Implementation in health care, Continuous Improvement and TPS. Dr. Zeballlos received his medical degree from Texas Tech and completed his residency at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Paulo Gazoni, MD

Chief Financial Officer

Care Hop Health

Dr. Gazoni is one the former founders of BetterMed Urgent Care where he was also Chief Operations Officer. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in Richmond, VA and completed his Emergency Medicine residency at VCU Medical Center. Board-certified in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Gazoni has worked for the past 20 years in multiple Richmond-area Emergency Departments, including VCU Medical Center and Bon Secours Richmond Health System.

Tanvir M. Dara, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Care Hop Direct Primary Care

Dr. Dara is the former Chief Medical Officer and founder of BetterMed Urgent Care. He is a graduate of King Edward Medical College in Lahore, Pakistan. He completed residency training at State University of New York at Buffalo hospitals and is a dual board-certified physician in Internal Medicine & Emergency Medicine. He has over 30 years of experience practicing emergency and urgent care medicine. He served as Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Sisters Hospital, Buffalo before joining WellNow Urgent Care as Chief Medical Officer in 2017.

Greg Symenow, PA-C

Director of Clinical Operations

Care Hop Health

Greg Symenow received his undergraduate degree from the University of Richmond and his Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from James Madison University. Greg has over 12 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care, and Occupational Medicine and has extensive experience in provider leadership as well as leading and executing clinical operations for large multicenter urgent care organizations.

About Direct Primary Care

What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative business model that enables personal healthcare providers to offer services directly to their patients, bypassing the roadblocks found in traditional insurance-centered infrastructure. Employers pay a monthly or annual fee directly to Care Hop, and in return, their employees receive direct access to high-quality medical care, including consultations, exams, care coordination and lab services. Unlike insurance-based healthcare where payments are made per service rendered, DPC allows for a more patient-centered approach. This model facilitates longer face-to-face patient visits and comprehensive, personalized care. It also minimizes administrative burdens associated with insurance paperwork, leading to lower costs and improved time efficiency.

Why choose DPC?

For small and mid-sized businesses that may struggle with the high costs of employee insurance, DPC presents an alternative that far exceeds what traditional models can do. It offers employees access to primary care at a predictable cost, thus eliminating unexpected out-of-pocket expenses and surprise bills. Even with the cost of catastrophic insurance added, employees can save an average of ten thousand dollars a year per employee as compared to traditional insurance models. In addition to the costs employers are saving, their staff will enjoy shorter wait times (same-day access to a provider versus 3-4 weeks with traditional primary care) and longer face-to-face time with their provider.

This encourages members to be more proactive about their health, addressing issues as they arise and potentially preventing conditions from escalating into costly emergencies. On top of the savings and efficiency DPC provides, its key advantage lies in the access patients have to their providers, without the hurdles of insurance.

It is important to note that DPC does not cover specialized or emergency room services. Patients should consider supplementing it with catastrophic insurance to cover rare situations where DPC is not applicable.

DPC offer for businesses and individuals

Direct Primary Care (DPC) offers a number of benefits for individuals and businesses, particularly those looking to provide their employees with cost-effective, efficient healthcare. Let’s consider the case for DPC in comparison to the average individual insurance policy.

  1. Predictable and Affordable Monthly Costs: One major benefit of our DPC membership is the predictable monthly fee structure. For as little as $139 per month per member over 18,patients receive unrestricted access to their healthcare provider. This contrasts with the average health insurance premium for individual coverage, which according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, is about $8,500 for individuals or $24,000 for a family on average annually. Care Hop’s DPC pricing model can provide significant monthly savings.
  2. No Co-Pays: With our DPC membership, there are no co-pays for office visits. In a traditional insurance model, co-pays can range from $10-$50 per visit, or even more for urgent care visits. This can add up quickly, particularly for individuals with chronic conditions that require regular medical attention.
  3. No Deductibles: Traditional insurance plans often come with high deductibles that must be met before insurance coverage kicks in. With a DPC plan, there’s no deductible to worry about. All primary care services covered under the agreement are provided regardless of a deductible.
  4. Better Access to Care: Our model gives us the ability to provide your employees same-day or next-day appointments and 24/7 access via text or email, or telehealth. This leads to quicker diagnoses and treatments, reducing the likelihood of more expensive urgent care or emergency room visits ultimately keeping your employees healthy and productive.
  5. Personalized Care: With our DPC membership, our healthcare providers have fewer patients, which results in more personalized and attentive care. This leads to better health outcomes and higher patient satisfaction ultimately resulting in healthier, more productive employees.
  6. Transparency: With our DPC membership, there are no surprise bills. Patients know upfront what their costs will be, eliminating the stress and uncertainty accompanying healthcare billing.

It’s important to note that DPC is not a replacement for insurance entirely – it doesn’t cover hospital stays, specialist visits or procedures outside the scope of primary care. As such, it’s often recommended that businesses or individuals pair DPC with a high-deductible health insurance plan to cover catastrophic medical events.

In conclusion, DPC can offer a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to provide employees with quality healthcare and individuals looking for alternatives to expensive insurance plans. By eliminating co-pays and deductibles, offering transparent and predictable pricing and providing improved access to primary care, DPC can lead to happier, healthier employees and significant cost savings for businesses. Additionally, families and individuals can save thousands a year on premiums, and costly operations stemming from a lack of preventative care. However, the suitability of DPC will depend on the specific needs and circumstances of the business or individual. It’s also crucial to stay updated with the latest changes in healthcare policy and market trends.

Rising cost of health insurance


At your door urgent care

Compassionate care comes to you

If you have an urgent care need, we have you covered. Schedule an appointment and a healthcare provider will take care of you in the most medically appropriate way.

While Direct Primary Care Premium Membership plans include At Your Door Urgent Care, patients must be at least 3 years of age to receive care and within Care Hop’s coverage area to receive At-Home Care services.

If you think you may be within our region, but are unsure, please contact us to find out if you are eligible for At Your Door Urgent Care.

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We love hearing from our patients, so please reach out to us with your questions and concerns. That being said, you may find your answer in our FAQ section.

What is Direct Primary Care?
Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative business model that enables personal healthcare providers to offer services directly to their patients, bypassing the roadblocks found in traditional insurance-centered infrastructure. The patient pays a monthly or annual fee directly to their healthcare provider, and in return, they receive direct access to their provider, including consultations, exams, care coordination and lab services. Unlike insurance-based healthcare where payments are made per service rendered, DPC allows for a more patient-centered approach. This model facilitates longer face-to-face patient visits and comprehensive, personalized care. It also minimizes administrative burdens associated with insurance paperwork, leading to lower costs and improved time efficiency.
Do you accept insurance?
With DPC we cut insurance out of the equation. Because you pay your provider directly, insurance isn’t necessary to get care, and there are no hidden fees or surprise bills.
What if I have Medicare?
We currently do not accept Medicare patients.
If I have insurance already, why would I pay for DCP on top of that?
DPC (Direct Primary Care) is typically more affordable than the minimum deductible required by many insurance plans. It also removes the extra co-pay charges often imposed by insurance companies. Essentially, DPC enables healthcare providers to offer the necessary care, while allowing patients to access preventive consultations and save money simultaneously.
What's the difference between DPC and Concierge Medicine?
Concierge medicine tends to work within the insurance model, so you pay a monthly or yearly fee on top of billing to insurance. What you pay for with concierge medicine is access, and you often pay a lot. DPC provides that same access but cuts insurance out of the process without charging you astronomical prices.
I'm a healthy person. Why do I need DPC?
DPC is valuable for healthy individuals as it emphasizes preventive care and maintains wellness. It offers personalized, accessible healthcare with longer consultations for early detection of potential issues. Its cost-effective, transparent pricing also provides peace of mind and a strong relationship with your healthcare provider, keeping your health a top priority.
Can I add dependents to my plan?
Yes! Check our business membership pricing or individual membership pricing or the specific cost per dependent.
As a member can I get at-home urgent care?
We offer Premium DPC memberships that include at-home urgent care in the cost. For patients with Access and Core memberships who would like an at-home appointment, we offer a discounted price of $149 per visit.
How long will I have to wait to be seen by my provider?
Our DPC model allows us to provide same-day access to a health care provider. While the initial consultation might be via Telehealth or messaging, an in-person visit can typically be scheduled either the same day or the next day.
What does 24/7 access mean specifically?
Our office is open from 8am to 8pm. Outside of those business hours, we will be available via text to our members for urgent issues only. We will determine via this communication what the appropriate next steps will be.
What if I need to see a specialist?
We are working to build relationships with local specialists who will give our members a discounted cash price.
What if I need a prescription?
Nothing is different as far as prescriptions go with DPC. We will send a prescription to whichever pharmacy is most convenient for you.
What is included in my yearly physical?
Your yearly physical includes the following tests:
• Complete Blood Count
• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
• Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone
• Prostate Specific Antigen (for men)
• Vitamin D
• Lipid Panel
• Hemoglobin A1c
Do you offer Telehealth?
We will treat you in the medically most appropriate way that is also convenient to you. We will likely use Telehealth for the following:
• UTI (female)
• Sinus Infection
• Bronchitis
• Medication Refill
• Dental Infections
• Pink Eye
• Swimmer’s Ear
Do my monthly payments count toward my insurance deductible?
Your payments to Care Hop DPC do not count toward an insurance deductible
Can I pay for my membership with an FSA or HSA?

Yes, you can!